The Korean Skincare 101 : Morning routine

Hello Everyone, Korean Skin Care routine became a global phenomenon. There are two major routines to Korean skincare which are Morning routine and Night routine. Today’s topic, Korean Skincare routine 101, we are going to explore the morning skincare routine that you should follow every morning. For the first timer, Korean skincare routine can be overwhelming and difficult to follow involving more than 8 to 10 steps. But don’t worry; we are here to break it down for you. Morning routine will become easy and less time with these 5 steps.

Just try for a week and feel the difference!

1. Wash only with Water  

  • When you wake up, you must cleanse your skin only with water. Do not use cleanser because water alone will replenish your dehydrated skin and removes impurities that build up during the night.
  • Water alone would not hydrate your skin completely. It is very important to apply toner because it helps to balance pH levels on your skin. Also, it builds a foundation for absorption of next products that follow.
3. Treatment (serums & Ampoules)
  • Now it is a time to target specific problems on your skin, if you have particular skin concerns such as wrinkles, dark spots and pimple choose serums or ampoules designed to treat your specific skin trouble.

4. Moisturizer

  • Most important part of morning routine is applying a moisturizer to create a thin layer of a barrier to lock in moisture for all-day hydration. It is best to use Sunscreen after but to minimize the time for those busy days, use Moisturizer with SPF sun protection. This allows bypassing sunscreen but if you are planning to be outside for a while applying sunscreen is always the right choice.

5. Sunscreens

  • When you go outside, whether you go to work or shopping, you must wear sunscreen. It is most effective and simple way to protect your skin against aging and skin cancer. Skincare routine in any form, you must finish off with sunscreen or BB cream with SPF.

After 5 steps, go for your regular makeup then you are done!